Blog | Endless Inspirations - Part 3

Deli Paper

So…. Have you ever wondered where it began? Did someone order a very delicious Ham & Swiss on Rye and took a look at the paper surrounding the sandwich and thought, “I bet this would make a great art supply!” And perhaps they took the next step and decided that since it might make a […]

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Craft Sheet Unboxing Video

15×18 Inch Non-Stick Craft Sheet Unboxing Video Are you curious as to how the 15×18 Inch Non-Stick Craft Sheet shows up to you? Do you want to see it before you buy it? Please check out the video below to see how you will receive 15×18 Inch Non-Stick Craft Sheet when you buy it. Click […]

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Clearance Craftiness

Clearance Craftiness Crafting on a budget By Totally Wendy I must admit: I simply cannot pass up a really good deal. Whenever I find myself visiting the local craft store, you can be quite sure I will spend a portion of time poring through the Clearance section. Just after Halloween, I scored a pair of […]

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