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Jump Right In! – Starting a Bullet Journal Right Away

Jump Right In! Starting a Bullet Journal Right Away By Totally Wendy If you don’t already know this about me, please allow me to explain: I need to make a list to remind myself to check my list!  I am PLANNER CHALLENGED. My purse, desk, and nightstand are all littered with scraps of notepaper and sticky […]

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To Teal, or Not To Teal

TO TEAL, OR NOT TO TEAL? By Totally Wendy A few days ago, a craft savvy friend of mine mentioned she was planning to decorate her apartment balcony with an assortment of fall pumpkins. The focal point of her display was to be a beautiful teal pumpkin. Uh, oh! Don’t get me wrong, I love […]

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When You Need A Change Of Scenery

A Change of Scenery By Nick P. Today, I knew I needed to get out and away from the computer. You see, I spend a vast majority of my day working on business stuff, and while I enjoy it, I do so at the expense of not getting out of the house. Today, my body […]

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