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Clearance Craftiness

Crafting on a budget

By Totally Wendy

I must admit: I simply cannot pass up a really good deal.

Whenever I find myself visiting the local craft store, you can be quite sure I will spend a portion of time poring through the Clearance section.
Just after Halloween, I scored a pair of small, painted, MDF sign boards with black satin ribbon hangers.



The design on the front was of no interest to me, but I was pretty sure that I could dress them up into something special.

And, at just forty-nine cents each, I didn’t see any down-side.

The little signs sat in a drawer of craft items for a few months before I got a little inspiration. When I finally pulled them out, I looked again at the strange design.

It couldn’t be called a Halloween design, so I don’t really know what it was meant to be.

Regardless of the original intention, that design had to go.



First, I applied a thick layer of gesso over the existing design and the edges.



(NOTE: Cover the satin ribbons with painter’s tape to avoid the little messiness I created.)

After letting the gesso dry, I applied a second, lighter coat.

Both coats were applied with a rough, 1” brush.

The result was a kind of rough or rustic surface.

As you can see, I ran with the rustic vibe and painted a couple of simple nature designs.




Small price – small surfaces – lots of fun!

Do you have items that you have repurposed? We would love to hear about it! Please let us know in the comments below!

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