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Create From The Heart

By Totally Wendy

Life happens at high-speed.


One minute, you’re living the perfect life: kids, job, hubby and lots of time to create.


The next minute, you hear things like: heart catheter, stents, bypass surgery and ICU.




That was us last week.


We knew that Mom was having trouble, but we did not have an explanation. We were not exactly prepared for what we learned. Within days, Mom had a quadruple bypass procedure and was looking very frail in the ICU.


My world felt awfully shaky.


One morning, as we got ready for another visit to the ICU, I was struck with an inspiration… you just never know when and where.


Am I right?  


In my mind’s eye, I saw my mom’s heart; healthy and robust, but with a small band-aid along the location of the “left main.”

I grabbed a canvas and started painting. No time for perfect – just splash it onto the canvas (not unlike the tears I had been splashing on DH over the course of that week).  The result was just as I had seen it: just as it was meant to be.


We drove to the hospital: the slightly damp canvas on my lap, blue paint still on my forearm.


Band Aid Heart


This one is deep.


This one is meaningful.


This one is hanging in my Mom’s hospital room as she recovers.


Did she like it?




She loved it.


She teared up at the sight of it.  

Plus, she’s been inundated with compliments from nurses, therapists and doctors. It has been the brightest spot in a positively dreary season.

So when you think things are at their darkest, that’s when inspiration can strike.

You may be moved to write, or paint, or draw.

Do what you feel you need to to get it out.

Friends, create from your heart.

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