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Have you ever wondered where it began?

Did someone order a very delicious Ham & Swiss on Rye and took a look at the paper surrounding the sandwich and thought, “I bet this would make a great art supply!”

And perhaps they took the next step and decided that since it might make a great art supply, they neatly folded it up, put it in their pocket, purse, or bag and took it home.

And once home, they may have taken some paint to it, and seeing that it didn’t just bleed through right away, smiled very brightly at their discovery!

Well, that’s sort of how I imagine this discovery happening, anyway.

Truth be told, no one really knows where it started, or how it began, but deli paper has become an integral part of art journaling for many people out there.

And whether you are brand new to art journaling, or new to crafting, we wanted to talk about some tips on how to use deli paper, or the benefits of using deli paper versus other products.

Deli Paper is Resistant to Liquids

I’m sure this may not come as a news flash to many of you, as I am certain that the main reason that deli paper wound up being used by so many was because of how liquid resistant it is.

However, it’s not just paint that it resists when it comes to using it in your art.

You can also use gel markers, gel medium, gesso, just about anything you would use to paint or create with, you can use on deli paper.

After all, if it doesn’t allow the juices from your sandwich to bleed through, what else will it do?

Deli Paper Can Replace Tissue Paper

Wait a minute! How can deli paper replace tissue paper?

Well, for starters, tissue paper is some seriously flimsy stuff to work with!

It’s hard to glue, tears easily, and just is hard to work with if you need something just a bit sturdier for your project.

However, deli paper can be used instead of tissue paper, and it also gets the same artistic results without all the worries of the flimsiness that comes with tissue paper.

You can cut it into shapes, create textures with it, glue it to your project without worry that it will just curl up on you.

It works really great if you are wanting a specific shape after painting it, instead of trying to find the right colored tissue paper.

Deli Paper Can Be Printed On Using Your Home Printer

So just like the paint we have talked about, deli paper is also resistant to the ink from your printer bleeding through.

The trick on using deli paper with your printer is that you have to tape it to cardstock so the paper doesn’t curl up. I recommend using painter’s tape (the blue tape) so it holds just enough so that it goes through the printer, but doesn’t hold so much that the tape tears the paper coming off.

This works out great if you have a specific design you want to use on your deli paper, either from clipart you are using, or a photoshop design you have created.

Deli Paper Will Hold Matte Medium and Paints Without Running

Okay, so we have been talking about painting on deli paper, so that is not a bit surprise.

However, using matte medium or some other texturizing product on deli paper is something that is not usually discussed, because so many people may put the paper on their project and then paint or texture over it.

But I think it’s worth noting that if you are looking to create a specific texture and look, but don’t want to put it onto your project right away, this is an excellent way to experiment.

And, if you find that it turns out well, you can always glue the ‘experiment’ to your project, and no one would be the wiser.

Except for you, because you were able to experiment without worry that you were going to damage your project!

The trick is with matte medium, if you are going to create texture, to allow it to fully dry so that it’s easier to glue or paint.

What other tricks and tips can you think of for using deli paper?

Please leave a comment below to share with everyone, and thank you in advance!

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