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Easy Overhead Video Recording Solution

By Nick P.

Inspiration can be found in many different ways.

Sometimes, it comes when we least expect it, or when we are in need of something.

In the case of doing overhead videos, and being able to do them cheaply, this was a definite need.

So what I came up with was an easy solution to an issue, which allows me to be able to do overhead videos without having to spend a fortune.

Want to learn how I did it?


Here’s what I gathered together to make myself an overhead video recording solution.

Overhead Video Storage


Stuff You’ll Need


As you can see, all the above items are pretty easy to find, and in the case of smart phone, you probably already have that.

The optional item of the tripod is good if you are doing front videos, talking or speaking, or if you do Periscope. The Bluetooth remote is very handy, especially when you have the phone in the overhead position.

Puttin’ it Together

So it’s pretty easy to put it together. I made sure I had just enough space to clamp the clamp to my desk, and I wire-tied the selfie stick to the post that was exposed.



Make sure you wire-tie this in three different spots to give yourself the most stability you can have on this. I found that the way I have it now works just great.

Once you clamp it to the desk, it’s time to line up your camera shot. With the selfie stick, you can adjust it to the height you want easily, without having to tighten and loosen things to get it to the right spot.

I also used a small step ladder so I could look down through the phone in video mode to make sure that the shot I got was what I wanted. Doing this bit of prep work is important to give yourself the best shot you can.



Next, I took the extension cable I purchased for the mic and wrapped it around the selfie stick and plugged it into the jack on the phone.

Because I am using my desk, I ran the wire underneath the desk so it was not exposed, and also gave me easy access to plugging in the microphone without tripping or worrying about pulling it out of the jack.



And, because I have the Bluetooth remote that will start and end the recording of the video, it makes it much easier. It’s worth the small investment for it, in my opinion, plus you don’t know what else you might use it for down the road.



It could be another instance of being inspired to do something else.

Video Production

As far as how do I get the videos produced?

After I am done filming, as I try to do my videos in batches, I will watch them on my phone to make sure the videos look good.

If they do look good, then I upload them to cloud storage (I prefer Google Drive), which will give me access to edit and polish them on my computer.

While I am still in Windows world, I am slowly finding my way to Apple, but I will go through what I do in Windows for now.

Since I am in Windows, I do use Movie Maker.

There may be some of you right now reading this saying, “WHY?!”

  • Because it’s free
  • Relatively easy to use
  • Helps me put out the videos

I will add an intro, some basic effects, notations, and credits at the end. I find that you can change it up enough that it doesn’t have to look like it was made in Movie Maker, but it can still be a quality video.

In the end, however, it’s not really about how the video is edited, or what bells and whistles you put on it, it’s about the content. Is the video something that you yourself would watch to learn something that you didn’t know? That’s the important question, and if you aren’t happy with the video, don’t put it out there.

So some of the final steps for me are to upload it to my YouTube channel, making sure I add the proper descriptions and tags.

And then show you the viewers what videos I have!

All in all, this is a very inexpensive way to get started doing overhead videos for things that you want to show off, and allowing you the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge of what video production is all about, or at least the basics of it.

What other suggestions would you make regarding an overhead video shooting solution? Does this seem too “Redneck”? Or do you have something that is even cheaper that you would love to share? I would love to hear from you!

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