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How Playing With Legos Helped My Creativity

So it’s interesting, that many years ago when I was a child, I loved playing with Legos. I loved them so much that I wished very much I still had some of those pieces from those days when I was a child, sitting in my room in the 1970’s, listening to AM radio, and just exploring the creativity that came from playing with legos.

Fast forward to today, and I find that I have felt a bit stagnant in my creativity. I feel that I have lost touch with my inner child, and I felt that I needed to do something about that RIGHT NOW.

So I was in the store the other day, and was just wandering the aisles as I am prone to do, and was in the toy aisle.

Interestingly, it was the Lego aisle.

On a whim, I picked up a small kit, looked at it, and almost put it back on the shelf.

I mean, I’m looking at being 50 years old, why on earth would I be looking at Legos?

It was in that moment that I just decided to go for it.

The box went into the cart.

That night I opened the box and had fun.

It is so interesting what happens when you decide to just do something for the fun of it, regardless of what others might think of it.

It’s freeing, and inspirational, on many levels.

  1. It allows you to explore things that you have wanted to do, without worry of judgment or other people’s opinions.
  2. IT. IS. FUN! Seriously, having fun is what we should ALL be doing in our lives.
  3. It relaxed me, allowed me to focus on a project and see it through to completion.

It also opened up a door of creativity for me that I could see a purpose for some of the Lego characters.

You see, the ‘hands’ they have are just the perfect shape and size for charging cables.

So, I took what was a fun project, and found a purpose that I could use.

Lego Charger Cord Holder

Materials Needed



1 2×6 thin Lego tile (your choice of color, mine was white)



1 Small roll of Scotch Outdoor mounting tape (very strong double sided tape)



1 Lego character (Mine was the female character from a Space kit)



1 charging cable (I’m an Apple guy, so it’s a lightning cable, but it will work for any of the thin cables you use for charging your phone, tablet, or other electronic devices)

Puttin’ it Together

Okay, so here’s where the inspiration took place.

First, I took the 2×6 thin Lego strip and backed it with some of the Scotch Outdoor tape.



I stuck it to the edge of my desk. It may help to sand the area you want to stick the tape to because the laminate on the side may not want to hold on to the tape well.

After I knew it was going to hold okay, I took the cable and put it in the Lego character’s hand, with enough length to be able to plug it freely into my phone.



The legs on the character will stick to the thin strip that you taped to the desk.

You could also use some super strong glue to make this much more permanent if that is something you wish to do.

It’s a super easy way to keep your charging cables organized (I have a few devices that need charging, so it’s nice to keep them organized).

It’s also a fun way to decorate your workspace without losing functionality for a clip for your cable.

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