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Create An Easy Art Journal Page Using Stencils

By Totally Wendy

We’ve had a few questions regarding the recent e-mail series about our stencils.  Several of the questions piqued my attention (one called me out BY NAME), so I knew I had to take action.
In answer, here’s a quick Journal Page that I put together this afternoon. You’ll find I demonstrate some of the ideas and products we’ve talked about, using two of our stencils:
ABSTRACT C  and BUBBLES.  Since one of the questions also addressed the use of our DELI PAPER and whether it becomes fully transparent when applied to a surface, I decided to throw in a little deli paper for good measure.
Join me as I walk you through the fun, and discover a couple of new things.
First, I painted a blank journal page using ORANGE acrylic paint. Now, I don’t normally use much orange, but I had some left over from our Vacation Bible School decorating, so I thought I would brighten things up. Being loathe to see smooth, flawless backgrounds, it didn’t stay flat for long. I brushed the orange paint onto most of the page, then changed the color up with the addition of a little titanium white. I dry brushed several strokes vertically, then horizontally, so that the background had a very subtle texture to it.
Next, I wanted to add a little tone-on-tone color with some interesting twists. I pulled out one of our newer stencils (Abstract C) and began sponging on some very similar colors.
I started with the lightened orange color, then added some yellow and then some red. (Excuse the grays and black – that was a “rainy day” kind of project.)
Each time I changed colors, I would rotate the stencil and place it on another section of the page. Since each new mixture started with the original orange, they complemented well and looked great on the background.  I discovered that the stencil gives a wonderful pattern when used this way, but did find that cleaning the stencil’s curls was a little delicate.
The resulting background was very pleasant – and I’m quite sure I’ll use this same process many more times.
However, I wanted to add some unexpected some punches of color.  This time, I grabbed one of our stand-by stencils, BUBBLES. It has seen many days of use and is a little on the stained side. (In a stencil’s life, that is a sign of love.)
With the same (rinsed) sea sponge, I began to apply some red paint through the stencil. Immediately, I noticed that the paint did not settle well onto the page. The print was a little too splotchy for what I wanted. Using purple, I tried again. Still, the coverage was not smooth enough. This is when I remembered my new “Finger Daubers.” I’ve used them for several other mediums but never tried them with my acrylic paints. I grabbed one of them, slipped it on and dipped it into the pistachio color. Perfect! These bubbles were much more of what I wanted.
So, now we all know: these FINGER DAUBERS work great with detailed stencils and simple craft acrylic paints.
Finally, I pulled out my rubber stamps and found the perfect wording for my crazy, colorful page.  I stamped it onto a torn piece of deli paper and used Gel Medium to apply the paper to a splash of the pistachio paint. When it dried, I covered it with another layer of Gel Medium. As you can see, the paper does NOT become fully transparent. Depending on the background color, it varies in translucence.
Thank you for following my little experiment today. I hope you enjoyed seeing the new and old products and learning a little bit as I went along.
If you have any other questions or challenges for me, please let me know by commenting below! I can’t wait to play some more!

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