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Jump Right In!
Starting a Bullet Journal Right Away

By Totally Wendy

If you don’t already know this about me, please allow me to explain: I need to make a list to remind myself to check my list! 


My purse, desk, and nightstand are all littered with scraps of notepaper and sticky notes with reminders to call someone, buy something or mail something.

I need help.

So when Nick and I began discussing our Bullet Journal ideas, I wasn’t going to sit around letting dust collect on those scraps!

I pulled a composition book from our school supply stash and dove in.

Index? Check!

Year At A Glance? Check!

Week One? Check! 

I was off to the races, and not looking back.

In my first hour, I had already indexed my first 7 pages.

It was looking like I was well on my way to being a BuJo Pro!

Future Log?


I had already started my weekly page before I remembered to include the Future Log.

This is exactly where another type of planner might have tripped me up.

Instead, the flexibility of the Bullet Journal allows for this and all manner of these ‘idiosyncrasies’. 

If a co-worker wants to talk about our next Kids Club event, I can flip to the next page and start my planning right there.

It won’t matter that the event happens in February and the planning page comes after the first week of December; my Index will keep track of that for me. 

Because the SPINE of the Bullet Journal is its Index, pages don’t need to be in a rigid chronological order. 

Pages can unfold the same way life does… in unpredictable beauty.

And speaking of beauty… what is more beautiful than a Planner that fits YOUR LIFE?!

To give my plain composition book a facelift, I simply hit my craft stash.

I used scrapbook papers, ribbons, Tacky Glue and my Scotch Tape Glider.

The cover is uniquely mine.

There is NO OTHER Bullet Journal that looks like this one. 

Inside, I sketched, scribbled, and colored. I printed a few photos and added them to the pages.

It quickly became both a planner and a journal of thoughts and memories.

In my “Jump Right In” manner, I managed to trek all the way to page 11 of my new Bullet Journal. 
For now, I’ll stop and review the results of my journey. Come back next week and I’ll share those results!

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