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By Totally Wendy

A few days ago, a craft savvy friend of mine mentioned she was planning to decorate her apartment balcony with an assortment of fall pumpkins. The focal point of her display was to be a beautiful teal pumpkin. Uh, oh!

Don’t get me wrong, I love teal!

Teal is such a beautiful color: the perfect plumage of a proud peacock, perfect clothing color during our Texas Fall (You know, those weeks before Christmas which are slightly less fiery than July).  So, what’s not to like about a trendy, beautiful fall arrangement starring a teal pumpkin?

Well, there is a pretty serious problem with my friend’s idea. You might even say the problem is deadly.  

Sound overly dramatic?

No, not really.


See, a teal pumpkin is not just a trendy fall decoration. It has a very special meaning… not unlike our generation’s Pink Ribbon, or the Gold Star emblem of the Greatest Generation.


Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) has adopted The Teal Pumpkin Project to help children with serious food allergies enjoy Trick-or-Treating.  

Displaying a Teal Pumpkin is an indication to children (and their cautious parents) that your home will offer treats, instead of or in addition to the standard array of bite-sized candies.

Imagine a world where children with dangerous food allergies won’t have to dump their entire bag of treats just because of one innocuous peanut-laden candy bar.

Imagine the relief of anxious parents who hover at the curb, Epi-Pen at the ready.

To Teal or not to Teal?

That is the question, my friends… a serious question.


And if you decide to display a trendy, beautiful teal pumpkin, please do it responsibly.

For information on The Teal Pumpkin Project, and how you can participate, visit FARE at

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