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The Top Ten Products Every Crafter Needs


Every crafter should have good products in order to create. I know that when I am creating, I want to have the best products that I can afford in order to create a quality project. While this is not necessarily a complete list, these are the top ten crafting products that I recommend you have on hand. These links will take you to products listed on Amazon, and if you purchase, I will receive a commission from your purchase at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your consideration.

  1. Scissors – Good scissors are a must. If you are cutting out paper, or fabric, or just generally cutting up, you need a good pair of scissors. I highly recommend this 3-pack of scissors from Scotch, as they are color coded handles that can be specified for the type of medium you wish to cut. Assign pink to paper, green to fabric, and blue to general use if you wish, or mix it up however you like. This is a very inexpensive set of scissors that will last you many good useful years. Scotch Precision Ultra Edge Scissors, 8 inch, 3-pack
  2. Tape Glider – I don’t know where I would be without the tape glider I use. I use the tape glider just about every day, either to do crafting projects, or to place labels on items that I am sending out for my customers. I strongly recommend this tape glider for your own use. Scotch Acid Free Advanced Tape Glider, Pink Applicator w 2 rolls of ¼ inch tape
  3. Paper Trimmer – Here’s another item that I use every single day, either for crafting or for cutting labels for products I send out to my customers. I just love how you can create angles and pieces for scrapbooking with this cutter. If you use them right, the blades seem to last forever, at least they did for me. However, if you are cutting fabric and paper with them, it may vary. Strongly recommend this paper trimmer for your own use. Fiskars 12 inch Portable Scrapbooking Trimmer
  4. Markers – Yes, that’s right, a crafter NEEDS markers! They come in very handy, and in different colors. Whether you are outlining something with black, or highlighting with a lighter color, markers are very important in enhancing creativity within any of your crafts. There are two types I recommend. If you need fine tip markers for highlighting or accenting, then I recommend the Stabilo 30 Pack for fine tip work. Stabilo 8830-1 88 Point 30 Color Wallet. If you want regular markers, then I recommend getting this 24 pack of assorted colors from Sharpie. While you can do fine tip work with it, you can also highlight, or give broad strokes with the color of your choice. Sharpie Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 24-Pack
  5. Watercolors – Watercolors are a great way to add a soft touch to something when you are crafting. Whether you are painting something, or just want to add a soft touch to a project, watercolors are vital to ensure you get that right mood on your project. I strongly recommend using the Loew Cornell set here, as you can create the color you want for the mood you are trying to create. Loew Cornell 1021095 Simply Watercolor Cakes
  6. Colored Pencils – Colored pencils have been around for a long time, but are making a bit of a resurgence because of the adult coloring books craze. While you could get this set just for that purpose, and be very happy, it would also come in handy for other projects that you could be working on. Such projects as art journal entries, scrapbooking, card making, or just drawing and doodling, this very inexpensive set is what I recommend. It’s a good general set, with plenty of colors. Sargent Art 22-7251 Colored Pencils, Pack of 50, Assorted Colors
  7. Craft (Construction) Paper – While having many different types of paper is important when it comes to crafting, it’s almost vital to have good quality construction paper on hand. This meets the criteria for me, and is highly suggested. Whether you are doing card making, or if you are cutting out shapes to put into your art journal entries, construction paper is necessary to have, and in as many colors as you can get your hands on. Rainbow Super Value Construction Paper, 9 x 12 inches, Assorted Colors, 500 Count
  8. Acrylic Paint – Acrylic paint is very important for crafters, especially those who are into doing art journaling or painting in general. If you are not using acrylic paint in your crafting projects today, you should be! I recommend this set to get you started so you can learn to blend and create colors besides the basic blends that come in these tubes. If you are interested, you can even see our unboxing video that I created so you can see what you would be getting. Liquitex Acrylic Paint Tubes – 6 Colors
  9. Brushes – Whether you are doing watercolors, or acrylic paints, paint brushes are so important to get the job done. I recommend having two sets of brushes. One that you want to use to do fine work with, and another set that could be considered disposable brushes, because they are cheap. You could even use the cheap set as your everyday brushes, which is what I do. I recommend the Heartybay 10Pieces Round Pointed Tip Nylon Hair Brush Set, Blue as that everyday disposable set that you won’t worry about damaging too much. The other set of paintbrushes that I recommend are the Loew-Cornell 245B Brush Set, Pack of 25, Multi Color set. This set has multiple sizes and bristle types for any work that you wish to do, and with most things on this list, very budget friendly. I use this set to apply gesso as well as paint out for art journal entries.
  10. Glue – There are so many types of glue in the crafting world, that this topic alone could go on and on. However, I have only one glue that I want to recommend, and that is Aleenes Tacky Glue. I found that this glue is so versatile and inexpensive, and it works in just about any medium, that this is the glue to go to. Click here to get a small bottle from Amazon at a very budget friendly price. Aleenes Tacky Glue – 4oz.

While there are so many other products out there that I could recommend, this list is a good start to getting going on crafting, as well as collecting the items you need to craft for the long term.

Is there something that I missed that you think should be on this list? Please let me know below in the comments section!

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