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When is a Stencil MORE Than a Stencil?

WISMTS Cover Art 2

Coloring Book Pages

By Totally Wendy

With the adult coloring books craze at FULL-TILT, I may now safely admit one of my longest-held secrets:


Whew! I feel better getting that out in the open.

I have always found coloring books too limiting: You have to settle on a handful of pages that really “called” to you. I’d color three or four pages before moving on to the next book, in hopes of finding THE design that I most wanted.  Or, I’d finish coloring a page and then instantly wish I could start it all over again, with a different color scheme entirely.

Sound familiar to you? If you’ve experienced these feelings, you might be delighted to hear about this: my SECOND stencil tip in the series, “When is a Stencil More than Just a Stencil?”

When DH first started designing some of his amazing geometrical patterned stencils, I immediately thought of coloring book pages. But, being on the girly-er end of the spectrum, the geometric designs weren’t enough to get me craving a crayon.  It wasn’t until I pictured a GROUP of stencils together, that I realized the potential!


Grabbing a handful of stencils, I meandered off to my creative place.

First, I stenciled our friend the hummingbird (You remember the last post we saw it fly into, right?) right into the middle of the page.


Knowing any true bird would crave some nature, I stenciled a few fern leaves around him.


These two stencils alone weren’t enough to qualify for classification as an “Adult Coloring Book Page,” so I brought in some geometrics.

First,  the Infinity Circles, stenciled in repeating column to the right of the bird.

Joined Circles (Infinity)

Then, I used the harlequin diamonds in repeating column to the left of the bird.


This is where I paused. I liked this look. I really liked this look.

Hummingbird 1 Cropped

However, I can see going in several different directions from this point… all at the same time.  Even I know that’s not terribly practical. Except…

Even I know that’s not terribly practical.


I decided to copy my work and begin adding elements just to the COPY.

I gave the fern leaves some veins with a simple straight line down each leaf.

Fern Leaves CloseUp

Were you thinking some groovy waves?

Me too!

I grabbed a heart shaped tin off of my dresser and traced waves among the Harlequin diamonds.

WISMTS Cover Art 4

Curves Close Up

I changed directions occasionally so my waves seem to crash in to each other!

WISMTS Cover Art 5

The Infinity Circles needed something a little more linear.

I simply used a straight edge, and drew lines through parts of that pattern.

Infinity Close Up

Lastly, what to do with my little birdie friend?

For THIS version, I decided to keep him pretty traditional.

Hummingbird Close Up

An eye, some lines for feathers… nothing too crazy here. I can save crazy for another copy.

I’ve got that clean original and loads of paper to make copies with.  I may be playing for a while. In the meantime, try your hand at one of these outside the box ideas!  Also, we would love to hear from you and see what YOU’RE CREATING!

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It’s our gift to you for reading this far and enjoying what we have been putting out there for you.

Enjoy, and happy coloring!

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