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When is a Stencil More than a Stencil?

By Wendy Pearson (Totally Wendy)

Don’t you just LOVE stencils?!  I remember getting free stencils in cereal boxes, and finding it difficult to finish breakfast before getting my craft on!  Maybe I am really aging myself, but does anyone else remember picking out a ruler for school, just because it had STENCIL SHAPES down the middle?    

Stencils can be great.  But if you look at them a little more craftily, you may find there is MORE to a stencil than just the stencil!  Today, I’ll start a little series of craft projects using stencils in some “outside the lines” kind of ways!

#1. Painting a Hummingbird

This one started when my sweet and talented S-I-L (that’s sister-in-law for those that don’t get the lingo) asked if we carried any hummingbird stencils.  Hummingbirds are gorgeous, so we were happy to design one for her!  Check out this lovely stencil here.

I liked the little beauty so much I wanted to play with it some.  Simply coloring in the shape was kind of a retro feeling treat, but it didn’t scratch that particular itch.  I dropped in onto some of our amazing deli paper and lightly penciled in the shape. 

Hummingbird Outline 2

Hummingbird Outline 1

With watered down craft acrylics, I painted soft strokes into and just over the outline.  The result was a softly rendered hummingbird with correct proportion and shape, but without any hard “traced” lines.  (See where the original pencil marks are?)

Hummingbird Colored 1

Hummingbird CutOut 1


I cut out the bird and looked for a suitable home for him.  Not wanting to detract from his lovely color, I decided on a background of white scrapbook paper with black text.  The printed sentiments fit with the soft look of the hummingbird, while the stark colors allowed him to really stand out!

A few strokes of Mod Podge affixed the scrapbook paper to the wooden backing.  A few more strokes of Mod Podge and my sweet hummingbird had a new home.  (Remember, our deli paper becomes almost transparent when affixed over another image.) Take a look; does this look like a STENCIL to you? 

Hummingbird Plaque 1

Hummingbird Plaque Close Up 1

Do you have an “outside the lines” stencil idea you would like us to feature?  We want to hear from you!

Please contact us at: and let us know what you have!

We would also appreciate your comments below. What do you think? Too simple? Too easy? We would love to hear from you!

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