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A Change of Scenery

By Nick P.

Today, I knew I needed to get out and away from the computer.

You see, I spend a vast majority of my day working on business stuff, and while I enjoy it, I do so at the expense of not getting out of the house.

Today, my body was screaming that I needed to get away from the computer and enjoy some new scenery.

I see so much of the same route every day, that it just gets old after awhile.

Make no mistake, I enjoy being a part of the church, and I do enjoy going to the post office to drop off orders to our customers, but that’s usually the extent of my getting out the house.

Today, I needed a change of scenery.

So, my wife (Totally Wendy) and I decided that we needed to get a wireless keyboard and mouse for the desktop computer we are going to set up for the kids to do their homeschool math stuff on, as well as be able to do research and other school related work.

Unfortunately, the local store that we frequent did not have the model that I wanted to get, so we headed over to another store (no brand names!). When we went there the price was much higher than what I saw online, so I went up to the counter with the item and asked if they price matched against themselves, which they did.

So we were able to get the keyboard and mouse that I like for the price that was the correct price. Note to anyone out there: don’t be afraid to show the cashier what you’re seeing for an online price for the item that you pick up in their store. They will price match it, no worries. In this case, we saved over $10 USD on this one item doing this.

Anyway, we wandered the store a bit after that, after purchasing our item in the Electronics area. We decided that we weren’t really in a spending mood, but more in a shopping mood, which can be just as dangerous, if not moreso.

So, as we were leaving, Totally Wendy asks me if I feel like going to a bit of an adventure. I say yes, since it’s close to where we were, and we head out.

Let A New Adventure Begin!

The place is Denman Estates Park, a place that’s been in San Antonio as a park since 2010, so I had never been to it. Prior to moving back here in May, I had lived in San Antonio from 1968(?) to 1998, growing up here and moving when I was 32. This park was not around when I lived here, so it was new to me.

So off we go, and she shared a good story with me. If you would like to know more about this place, I have a couple of links to share with you.

San Antonio Parks & Recreation Website

Wikipedia Entry on Denman Estates Park

So we go, and the lighting is getting dim, as we get there just as the sun is setting.

It didn’t matter.

We walked and enjoyed being together, although I will admit I played a little of my favorite augmented reality game (no brand shout-outs) while we walked. The scenery was beautiful, and the lighting was actually perfect.


The small lake was tranquil and peaceful, and the way the trees grow right along the waterline was actually very serene.



The temple that is there is actually a Korean temple, and was quite beautiful.


The moon coming out and adding to the beauty of the fading sunlight was so perfectly captured in this moment for me as I looked up and saw the silhouette of the temple roof against the darkening sky.



We maybe spent 20 minutes being there, mostly because of the dark encroaching into the park, but we enjoyed being there nonetheless.

And in that, I found some peace in my day, something that I wanted and needed more than anything.

I was able to turn off the noise of social media, and find that I feel so much better when I turn away from all that noise and focus on the one thing that God wants us to focus on.

His beauty that He surrounds us with.

Yes, I realize that may sound a bit woo-woo for those who aren’t followers of a faith tradition, but realize this:

We all need to return to the roots of where we came from.

And no, that doesn’t mean visit the hospital we were born.

To me, it means returning to nature, to get that peace that can only come from being in touch with the world around us.

We get so lost in the technology, in the noise of every day, that we lose sight of where we really came from. From when we moved up from just being cave dwellers and went out into the world, exploring and finding new places.

I’m always inspired when I find a new place, and feel that peacefulness that calms the soul. It helps me to refocus and to find new ways to be more creative.

It may even help me write, which apparently it did, because you are reading the product of this adventure right for your very eyes.

So my challenge to you is this: Find a way this upcoming week to get in touch with your inner peace. If you feel that a visit to a park, and sitting quietly or exploring a place you’ve never been before is what will help, then do that.

Do whatever it takes to turn off all the outside world, and get in touch with the world around you.
You may find that it was exactly what you need.

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